A Means to an End - The Official Website 

A Means to an End is a new poetry music group formed in Manchester in 2011..

Based currently around Andy N (Vocals / Keyboards) a veteran of previous groups such as ‘Words and Music’ and ‘Wordmusic’ as well a producer of bands such as DIH, Distance and M.A.N. and Jeff Dawson (aka Jeffarama!) (Vocals / Guitar) who has been a performance poet around the North West of England for over 5 years and runs / has run a number of nights such as ‘Guitars and Verse’, ‘Jamming with Jeffarama’ and ‘Busking for Beer’ and up and coming singer/songwriter Petrova Fairhurst. 

A Means to an end is their first project together where they itend to fuse poetry, music and song  together to do something totally different. 

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